PLUGIT, founded in 2012, is a certified technology provider serving the forex industry worldwide. Headquartered in Limassol Cyprus with a representative office in Shanghai, China, PLUGIT’s reliable solutions and services help bridge the gap between FX operations and technology. What started off as a small software company grew into a leading technology company with a strong international presence recognized by major industry players. Today, we pride ourselves to have to have partnered with leading Brokerage Firms due to the unparalleled solutions and services we have rendered to streamline their business operations.

What we do

PLUGIT offers its services to a variety of clients from start-ups to large and well-established financial institutions. We identify gaps in their processes and provide the right solutions to optimise their operations. By adopting our technology, companies can realise true business success. One of our core values is our ability to cater and optimise our services according to all business models, ensuring that requirements are met and delivered as full comprehensive solutions.

Important part of PLUGIT’s successful growth is the direct input of its valued employees who share the same vision as the company, conduct business with passion and dedication and provide outstanding services to our clients.

Our Goal

At PLUGIT, we are market driven and are continually widening our portfolio of solutions to accommodate all the needs and ensure that our clients are keeping up to date with the latest industry developments.

We always believe in going the extra mile for our clients to ensure all their needs are fully covered.

Our Services

Through our comprehensive and full-fledged system, Yoonit, we offer a variety of trading tools which are fully compatible with MT4 and MT5. Yoonit encompasses a CRM solution that enables brokers to conveniently handle leads, on-board client, and perform compliance check as well as keeping track of lead conversion and client retention. Our comprehensive system includes a state-of-the-art multi-tiered IB Portal as well as MAM/PAM modules that allow your company to go widen its services by on-boarding different types of clients such as Money Managers and other types of investors.

PLUGIT was one of the first companies to introduce the MT5 MAM solution to the industry, giving the company an edge over competitors and helping our brand reach new heights.

Other revolutionary products include a tiered margin solution Dynamic Margin tiered, allowing brokers to reduce the leverage when exposure increases in line with how prime liquidity providers work, reducing the gaps between clients and LP’s exposure. This solution has no analogues in the market and is a best-seller in our catalogue of services.

We are always staying up to date with the rapidly evolving trends in the industry and are constantly striving to scale up our technology based on new demands and requirements. Our partnership with Microsoft ensures that we are operating using the most progressive technology in the market, providing top-notch service to our clients ensuring quality and satisfaction.