PLUGIT Front and Centre at The iFX EXPO Dubai

PLUGIT at the 2024 Dubai iFX EXPO

January saw the much anticipated iFX EXPO in Dubai. From the 16th to the 18th, the world of Fintech gathered at the Dubai World Trade Centre for what is fast becoming one of the key events on the industry calendar. The PLUGIT team was there, showcasing the latest updates to our range of broker solutions.…

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U.S. Bank Closures: Silvergate, SVB, Signature

US Bank Closures

March is turning out to be a downer for U.S. banks, with three shuttering their operations in four days. Silvergate Bank was the first to go on March 8, followed by SVB on the 10th, and Signature Bank, the latest to fold, on the 12th. It turns out you can get hat tricks in banking,…

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Social Trading Trends For 2023

Social Trading

Social Trading isn’t a new concept, as the idea has existed since 2008. It very quickly gained traction with traders and soon became a staple across broker offerings. The term Social Trading covers a broad category of products. While these all fall within the social trading concept, they do have differences in the approach and…

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Bad Credit And The Collapse Of FTX

Crypto After FTX

The world of crypto has been anything but rosy since the spectacular collapse of FTX last month, with many questioning the very future of the broader cryptocurrency markets. Can crypto survive the failure of FTX and the other exchanges that folded in the aftermath? To answer that, we need to take a closer look at…

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Alameda Research Exempt From FTX Credit Limits

FTX Exposure Alameda

It’s been an eventful few weeks since FTX’s November Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing, and more and more details behind the Sam Bankman crypto empire are coming to light. One of the main issues centers on what might appear to be the preferential treatment extended to Alameda Research in their dealings with FTX. Alameda was routinely…

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More Bad News For Crypto As BlockFi Follows FTX

BlockFi Follows FTX

This week, there is more bad news for the beleaguered crypto world as BlockFi, one of the biggest centralized crypto lenders, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, hot on the trail of FTX. The news wasn’t particularly unexpected. BlockFi was highly exposed to FTX, pausing withdrawals from the platform earlier this month due to the problems…

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The Hits Keep Coming For FTX!

Sam Bankman-Fried resigns as CEO, FTX files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and then, surprise, surprise, over $600 million goes missing from FTX wallets! The initial reaction to the missing millions was speculation that this must have been the work of a regulator trying to safeguard client funds. It didn’t take long for the official FTX…

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EU Prepares Rules For Instant Payments In Euros

EU Instant Payments

Reuters has reported that the European Union is preparing legislation that would force banks in the Eurozone to offer their customers instant transfers and payments denominated in the common currency, the Euro. According to the drafts of the new regulations, only 11% of all Euro transfers were transacted as euro instant payments. The draft of…

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