A Year in Review: Looking Back and into the Future

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Stepping into 2021, it is a good time to take the back seat for a little while and reflect on what we have achieved and what the future holds for PLUGIT. Looking back into our recent and more distant past, we can really say we have come a long way during the last 10 years of our company operations and in 2020 altogether. One of our key milestones that despite the trials of the past year we managed to reach was the release of our upgraded YOONIT – V2 system, a new and improved iteration of our fully scalable flagship modular trading support and management system for brokers that offers a truly unique user experience to our clients. That said, the future looks bright for PLUGIT.

Where do we go from here?

As there’s always room for progress, you can expect a lot more from PLUGIT in the new year. In 2021 we will continue working on developing new YOONIT modules, expanding our portfolio of solutions, and implementing new technology developments and updates that we plan to roll out in the coming year, including the release of our YOONIT mobile app.

From a growth perspective, we will continue to service MT4 and MT5 brokerages and expand our offerings, while focusing on the financial industry at large as we aim to integrate our solution with more financial services providers in 2021.

Who do we owe it all to?

We would not have made it this far without the people who have worked relentlessly towards a common goal, sharing a bigger vision, and who have shaped the company into what it has become. We are proud to say that despite the ‘business as un-usual’, not only has our client base grown by more than 50% but also our team has gotten bigger, with new members joining our quarters in different departments, including seniors. Moreover, switching to remote working proved quite fruitful and effective as we continued to offer our clients with even higher level of support round-the-clock. Strength is in the numbers.

Yet the driving force of that strength remains technology. At PLUGIT, we take pride in providing up to date, innovative solutions along with a high standard technical support. As part of our YOONIT – V2 launch we have introduced a dedicated YOONIT Support Center where our clients can now find all the relevant module and step-by-step system setup and workflow information they need. This will greatly lower the workload of our account management and technical support teams, freeing up time to provide greater and faster support on mission-critical issues and customer care. During the first trials of the portal, the results were not late to appear as we saw our client satisfaction levels rising to 90%-95%.

With the new team members joining us we have also put new task forces in place optimizing and systematizing our internal workflows. Having proper monitoring and scheduling systems was one of our key goals in 2020. And we have successfully achieved it.

What has changed in the way we operate during the pandemic?

Being a technology company, our teams always had to keep abreast with the latest technology developments in communications and workflow management. Therefore, changing the office setting to everyone else’s domestic environment and working remotely was not an issue. On the contrary, some of our team members said they were more efficient while working from home.

By harnessing the power of technology, we have achieved a lot this year not only in terms of product development and overall business growth, but also in terms of networking with the industry peers, attending and participating in the key online events (Virtual Vision Finance, Finance Magnates Virtual Summit), presenting, as well as taking part in virtual workshops, and actively engaging with the online communities. With all that said, it was well worth a year.

Hoping that you had an equally fruitful one, we wish you all the best in 2021. Stay tuned!

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