PLUGIT celebrates a decade on the frontline of the FX industry

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The year of 2022 is officially the year PLUGIT celebrates its 10th anniversary. On this note, let us look back on a decade of helping forex brokerages meet any operational challenges they encounter, and eventually becoming a leading software provider to the global FX industry.

Since 2012, PLUGIT has been keen on innovation in technology, being a provider whose solutions have redefined operations and boosted the bottom line for leading institutions and small start-ups in an ultra-competitive arena. From only a small team of developers, we grew to an internationally acknowledged company operating globally with offices across the world, including Asia, Middle East, and our headquarters based in Cyprus.

PLUGIT has always been a customer oriented company, offering a variety of tailored services for MT4 and MT5 brokerages, and providing innovative solutions to help fulfil their operational needs while minimizing risk and maximizing profit. Through the years we have developed a multitude of solutions that have successfully served over a hundred of brokerage firms, we won honourable awards, and ultimately have become one of the industry’s main technology providers.

As the market need for specialized trading solutions increased over the years, PLUGIT has incorporated a multi-faceted approach and expanded its portfolio to match the needs of the Forex industry. Our latest development and current flagship product YOONIT – is a modular management and trading support system that can be tailored to each brokers’ unique needs to help them reduce risk, increase efficiency and profitability. The current version of YOONIT offers a five-core toolkit, fully compatible with MT4/MT5 platforms and can be seamlessly integrated with other 3rd party applications. The system is designed to maximize flexibility, emphasizing scalability, customization, and ease of use, with full automation, real-time synchronization, and a multilingual dashboard for a global client base.

Jalal Faour, PLUGIT’s Founder, commented: “I started PLUGIT in 2012 with a clear vision in mind. I wanted to establish a fintech company known first and foremost for its innovation and transparency. Ten years later, I am beyond proud of the reputation we have built and our clients’ loyalty throughout the years.”

Looking back at our long journey, we are grateful to everyone who made the company a success: to all our amazing clients and partners who have been trusting and supporting us until this day, and of course to our employees. Our fast growth and accomplishments over the past decade would not have been possible without the people who have been working relentlessly all these years towards a common goal, shared a bigger vision, and shaped the company into what it has become. Our exceptional team with all their hard work and dedication has propelled PLUGIT forward, placing it among top firms of the industry in the fintech sector. We are excited to be here together and are looking forward to what the future holds for PLUGIT.

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