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Manage your Margin Levels with our automated solution

Reduce your risk profile and increase your brokerage profitability even during extreme volatility events.

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Dynamic Margin: The proactive solution to manage client leverage and trade exposure for MT4 and MT5 brokers.

See better results with the advanced PLUGIT technology and Brokerage automation!

Traditional margin solutions operate on fixed parameters. PLUGIT's Dynamic Margin monitors your entire trading environment and automatically reacts to any trade activity over your optimum exposure levels.

We take optimization one step further with our Equity setting, which lets you set your Margin tiers based on the available equity in a client account.

Define your margin tiers, and our intelligent technology goes to work for your brokerage around the clock, 24/7.

Our unique Sessions feature adapts your margin to pre-defined levels around specified time frames, ideal for high-demand trading like Economic Calendar Events. Set your levels for the event, and Dynamic Margin automatically regulates the trading conditions for all your clients, reverting to your default once the event window has closed.


Manage leverage based on defined tiers per symbol level or account level.


FX, CFDs, Futures & CFD Indices with Leverage and Percentage options depending on type.


Set Exposure Limits based on NOP (Net Open Positions), Symbol, or Account levels.


Set rules in bulk or individually for instrument, security, account, group level or any mix.

Multiple Margin Profiles
dynamic margin tiers

Three Distinct Modes

Define your Margin Tiers based on three distinct modes, choosing from NV (Notional Value), LT (Lot), and our unique EQ (Equity) models.

Offer your clients attractive trading conditions while automatically controlling and reducing your risk profile.

time-based rules

Session Profile Tiers

We've added the option to define your Margin Tiers around specific time windows for the ultimate flexibility.

Our Dynamic Margin solution adjusts margin and leverage levels according to your settings and automatically reverts to your default when the window closes.

Dynamic Margin Session Profiles
Seamless Risk Management
customizable options

Exposure Limit Control

Take control of your risk strategy with our intelligent technology and set trading conditions based on your defined parameters.

Automate your trade exposure limits based on NOP (Net Open Positions) with two modes (Number of Lots, Notional Value).

equity based tiers

Unique Volume Type

The automation inside our Dynamic Margin solution allows you to set tiers based on Equity for ultimate customization.

Depending on your client's equity, our system monitors and adjusts the margin requirements from trade to trade for each account in real-time.

Equity Based Profile Tiers
Central Control Hub
your central control hub

Monitor, Manage, Control

The PLUGIT technology lets you control multiple MT4 and MT5 servers and White Labels from a single dashboard.

This central control panel allows you to monitor and manage your risk profiles across multiple instances and trade scenarios on multiple servers.

Setting the standard since 2012

PLUGIT is the power behind over 100 of the leading global brokers

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“We are beyond happy to have partnered with PLUGIT. Their risk management and well-automated trading support tools help reduce the workload of our team and their YOONIT software is specially tailored to meet dynamic nature of FX market.”

Michalis Michael

IT Director & Head of PMO, HYCM
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"We’re impressed by PLUGIT’s product portfolio and its ability to integrate with our own in-house developments. We are looking to provide our customers a state-of-the-art user and trading experiences, and PLUGIT is helping us achieve that."

Michael Walker

Co-Founder, BlackBull Markets
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"PLUGIT provides a unique solution catering for different type of clients we’re cooperating with, including Introducing Brokers, Affiliates, Money managers, also institutional clients and different type of traders. Their IB/Affiliate portal is at the forefront of affiliate systems in terms of flexibility and functionality. We are extremely impressed with the system."

Nick Michaelides

Director, XBPrime
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"PLUGIT exceeded our expectations and did a great job with their feature-rich and diverse product offering meeting our present and future requirements. Their team is always responsive and ready to do what it takes to incorporate our needs and additional requirements."

Husam Al Kurdi

CEO, SquaredFinancial
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"Our partnership with PLUGIT has started many years ago, and through the years they’ve demonstrated their reliability providing us with the exceptional technology and support, fulfilling our needs and unique market requirements. Their MAM and risk management solutions have been serving us well, with timely product feature updates and new developments that never fail to impress."

Ahmad Al Jebouri

Head of Operations, Scope Markets

Optimize your Brokerage with the Multi Award-Winning PLUGIT technology

Best Automated Performance Tool FMLS 2022

Since 2012 our innovative solutions have helped brokers increase their trading volume and ROI.

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PLUGIT Logo Retina Light

106 Gladstonos Street, Limassol 3032, Cyprus
Tel: +357 25 025 026