Dynamic Margin
(Tiered Margin) Module

A flagship automated tiered margin risk solution in the FX market

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Dynamic Margin Module

A powerful tool developed for brokers that need dynamic tiered margin profiles. It enables brokers to offer rich leverage portfolios to meet different client needs, while staying concern-free by having your own risks monitored and controlled automatically on-the-fly.

This tool helps Brokers monitor the risks around the clock and takes responsive action once the alert is triggered. It helps the risk management team free up some time from the gruelling manual work, which will reduce the human errors and also largely improve the action accuracy and efficiency especially in the critical moments.

Through a centralized portal, brokers will be able to manage multiple servers (MT4/MT5 etc.) under one dashboard, making configurations and monitoring much more organized and efficient.

  • Comprehensive rules can be set in bulk or individual from instrument/security/account/group level or a mix of any
  • Support all types of instruments on MT4 and MT5 (FX, Metal, Futures, CFD, CFD-Index)
  • Free to choose between nominated volume or lot size as measurement unit
  • Supports unlimited margin profiles and margin tiers
  • Protection against unexpectedly large volume of trades
  • Helps to minimize gaps between Brokers’ and LPs’ margin utilization
  • Free to choose between nominated volume or lot size as measurement unit
  • Recognize and manage leverage and margin in hedged trades
  • Exposure limit can be set to prevent further trades openings that may consume margin
  • All actions via this tool can be traceable via MetaTrader journals

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