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Trading Support Systems that will get your FX Brokerage to the Top

If you are going to be launching or if you have just launched your own FX brokerage and your brand is in its infancy, this article is for you. We know all about the hurdles and pitfalls that you might be experiencing: from acquiring licenses to finding the right liquidity and bridge providers, setting up your own FX business can be challenging. In this article we are going to be taking an in-depth look at an important aspect of building a brokerage – that often gets overlooked – setting up your trading support systems.  

FX trading support systems are key to your brokerage business realization as they ensure you don’t alienate your traders, introducing brokers, partners, and other company’s stakeholders. What do we mean by trading support systems? To begin with, it is your CRM system, including a functional Back Office, Client Portal and Partners’ area. Along with other supporting tools, like MAM/PAMM, risk management and various automation solutions that make up the big picture. We are going to cover these in detail and show you how our own trading support system YOONIT has taken these crucial business functions and consolidated them into one centralized solution that has been built to fit FX brokerages of all sizes. 

Systems an FX brokerage needs to succeed 

The reasons due to which many start-up brokerages never make it off the ground or close in under a year, include not having all the systems in place to manage clients and risks, as well as wasting resources on inefficient technology. Let’s take a look at some of the solutions every Forex broker needs to stay afloat. 

One of the most common challenges companies face after obtaining a trading platform is the issue of selecting the right trader management system or a forex CRM system, which is the essential tool your brokerage needs to operate, manage clients and other stakeholders, and make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Moreover, the FX trading industry requires brokerages to leverage CRMs that have been built with both the trader and the brokerage in mind, with a complete Back Office, Client Area and Partners’ portal. The question you’re going to need to ask yourself when picking the right set of solutions is “can they be integrated seamlessly with each other?” 

At Plugit, we created a forex solutions suite which answers that very question. YOONIT is a modular trading support system with a complete set of tailored forex tools able to handle complex tasks ranging from forex account management, KYC procedures and retention to real-time risk management, and more. Whether you are just about to launch your own FX brokerage, or already an established entity, YOONIT is the one system you will need to tick all the boxes.   

Why your Brokerage needs to leverage the power of YOONIT 

Before we set about creating YOONIT, we looked at the needs of all brokerages, both large and small. What we discovered is that it doesn’t matter how high or low your brokerages’ revenue is each month, you’re going to need solutions which handle a variety of complex tasks that brokerages of all sizes are dealing with. 

For instance, YOONIT is a trading support suite that offer solutions for:  

  1. Forex account management
  2. Forex KYC and onboarding 
  3. IB & Affiliate management
  4. Portfolio management 
  5. Risk management 
  6. Bonus campaign management and automation 

The key factor that differentiates YOONIT within the industry is that it is a functional system built on a modern technology infrastructure, housing multiple mature solutions in one with extended features and functionality. We have used our accumulated experience in the financial trading industry, which is well over a decade, combined with the collective customer feedback to create the ideal solution for all your brokerage needs. 

YOONIT modules are ranging from: a complete forex CRM, IB & Affiliate management portal that is geared at expanding your partnerships effectively, MAM/PAMM with copy trading functionality (Signals mode), Bonus Automation module that is built for setting up multiple promotions and marketing campaigns to bring in clients, and our flagship Dynamic Margin module for dynamic tiering margin profiles and monitoring risk on the fly. You may choose to start with just one or two modules and scale up as your FX brokerage grows, by adding more modules and increasing their usage. 

As your day-to-day processes evolve and adapt to the everchanging industry standards imposed by the regulators and the needs of your traders, YOONIT adapts and changes too. 

The key reasons why brokerages are choosing YOONIT 

View YOONIT as a forex broker’s empowerment tool that will get your business to hit its’ KPIs. To sum it up, here are just a few of the key reasons why brokers around the world are turning to YOONIT for all their back and front-end trader management needs: 

  1. Centralized back-end management – all YOONIT modules work together as a complete platform or independently to accommodate different types of clients, all manageable from a single dashboard. In addition, brokers can connect and manage multiple servers and client pools.
  2. Intuitive interface with easy set-up 
  3. Multilingual dashboard 
  4. Compatibility – we ensure seamless integration with MetaTrader platforms, a wide range of payment system providers (PSPs) and other 3rd party applications.  
  5. Customization & Scalability – brokers can customize the platform to fit their business requirements and finetune the combination of modules they rely on as their business expands.
  6. Secure infrastructure – YOONIT is hosted entirely on Microsoft Azure, providing end-to-end security and built-in privacy features.
  7. Flexible, cost efficient & reliable – brokers can enjoy significant economies of scale with dedicated resource allocation, no volume fees and zero downside.

There is a lot more to YOONIT and we would love to demonstrate it to you.

Schedule a demo 

In less than 30 minutes, we can demonstrate to you the power of YOONIT over a preferred online conference channel (Skype, Zoom, Teams etc.). Our team can answer any questions you have, but more importantly, we will show you why your brokerage can’t do without YOONIT. 

Whether you’re looking for something that’s unique to your setup or not, let us know and we’ll discuss all the options with you. 

Contact us at sales@plugitapps.com to book a demo.

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PLUGIT uses your information to contact you about our products and services. For more details, please check our Privacy Policy.