Risk Management Technology: Exploring the Latest Trends and Best Practices

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In this insightful e-Forex article Plugit’s CEO Jalal F. and EVP Lea W., along with other industry’s thought leaders, are examining what risk management has become in the pandemic-driven events of the past 12 months, and the importance of implementing modern risk management tools and solutions.

The global pandemic is currently raging around the world, and people have started to look for alternative sources of income, with more traders joining the market. This increasing trading volume has brought high volatility to the market and amplified the challenges that FX brokers are experiencing when dealing with risks manually. With toxic flow, liquidity mismatch, and risky trading behaviour being the main concerns.

Learn more about why it’s so important for brokers to build automation into their risk management workflow and how a provider that understands a broker’s needs and business goals can help them strive in a competitive industry. To go to the article, click the link here.

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