New Concept in Efficient FX Technology for Brokers – Podcast Interview with e-Forex

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In this explicit live interview with Larry Levy of e-Forex Magazine, our EVP Lea W. goes in-depth about Plugit’s flagship product YOONIT, its’ history, modules, infrastructure and unique selling points.

Learn how YOONIT helps brokers improve operational efficiency, manage risk, and increase profitability, as well as how a combined solutions like YOONIT offers significant cost-savings and why having access to up-to-date data on the fly is crucial for any brokerage.

Finally, Lea shares her insights on the role the past year’s events played in company’s life and what’s the future looking like for Plugit, with new tools and solutions on the horizon that will bring even more advantage to brokers around the world.

Listen to the full podcast and get a peek about what more is to come in 2021, click the link.

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