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PLUGIT Sumsub Integration

PLUGIT completes Sumsub integration

PLUGIT completes Sumsub integration, streamlining KYC options for all brokers in the YOONIT environment. PLUGIT is pleased to announce the completion of the integration between their flagship product, the YOONIT suite, and full-cycle verification platform, Sumsub. The integration streamlines identity verification for brokers operating on PLUGIT technology, ensuring compliance with the ever-tightening requirements from regulators…
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Executive Interview with e-Forex: Adopting YOONIT V2.0

In this interview PLUGIT's CEO, Jalal Faour spoke about the company's latest product launch, software improvements and capabilities, cost implications and the real benefits of adopting new technology. Head to read the full interview and along the way find out how PLUGIT has tackled the COVID-19 crisis and what's the...

PLUGIT has announced the launch of YOONIT V2.0

YOONIT V2.0 - an upgraded version of PLUGIT's all-star software YOONIT, a multi-functional trading support system for MT4 and MT5 Brokers, comes with major updates to help meet your ever-evolving brokerage needs. We have put a lot of work in the past year to improve our product, and we believe that the new YOONIT will make...

New “cold war” between the US & China and the impact it has brought on the FX trading industry

The USA’s relationship with China has always been complex and progressively deteriorated recently, pulling down with itself global financial markets, stocks, commodities, and currencies. The Sino-US relations sharply worsened following a series of events under Donald Trump’s administration, the most recent and scandalous of which was on Monday 3rd of...
COVID-19 and FX Trading: Impact and Opportunities

Coronavirus and Forex Trading: Impact and Opportunities

As the world adjusts to the reality of COVID-19, billions of people are focusing not only on the immediate public health implications but also on the economic fallout. With “non-essential” bricks-and-mortar stores shuttered and only outlets such as food shops and pharmacies operating as normal, the impact of the coronavirus...

Interview with e-Forex Magazine: Plugit sees huge potential for YOONIT

CEO, Jalal Faour spoke to e-Forex Magazine about the firm's recent launch of YOONIT, an all-inclusive cloud-based modular trading support platform providing a unique, comprehensive toolkit designed for retail brokers. First Published by e-Forex News: January, 2020 Retail brokers of different sizes have long faced major operational challenges. How does...
Plugit image reveal

Plugit Reveals Rebrand

First published by e-Forex Plugit, one of the leading technology providers to the global forex brokerage industry, has revealed its new logo and website, the culmination of a wide-ranging rebranding process built around YOONIT, the company’s game-changing comprehensive solution. Since 2012, Plugit has been one of the sector’s most innovative...
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PLUGIT Helps Brokers Comply With Latest ESMA Measures

In an interview with e-Forex Magazine PLUGIT’s CEO, Jalal Faour, spoke about how his team have been working to help brokers meet the requirements of new industry-wide legislation set out by the European Securities and Markets Authorities (ESMA). In efforts to comply with ESMA’s product intervention measures on CFDs, Plugit...
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PLUGITs Global Expansion! Next Stop – Shanghai

2017 has been a significant year for PLUGIT, a lot of hard work has been put into new software development, and major improvements have been made to achieve remarkable levels of operational efficiency. As always, we managed to deliberately satisfy our customers in major requirements and be on the frontline...