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Social Trading

Social Trading Trends For 2023

Social Trading isn’t a new concept, as the idea has existed since 2008. It very quickly gained traction with traders and soon became a staple …

Customer Lifetime Value

How to Optimize Customer Lifetime Value using a CRM

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) measures the net value a customer brings to a business throughout their relationship. A high CLV indicates that a customer is …

Forex Affiliates vs IBs

Differences between Forex Affiliates and IBs

Forex affiliates and introducing brokers (IBs) are common in the finance industry and are involved in promoting and marketing financial products and services. However, the …

VoIP For Brokers – Benefits And Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionized how businesses communicate, and brokers are no exception. With VoIP, brokers can make and receive calls using their …

What’s the deal with Payment Processors?

Payment processors (PSP) are a crucial aspect of modern commerce, providing merchants with the means to securely and efficiently accept payments from their customers. Whether …

Forex Regulations

Forex Regulation And Key Regulators

Forex regulation authorities refer to supervisory bodies that enforce the rules and guidelines that govern the foreign exchange market in any particular country or region. …

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