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PLUGIT Scoops Award At FMLS 2022

The FMLS (Finance Magnates London Summit) is always one of the calendar’s highlights, and this year was no exception. Organized...

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The Hits Keep Coming For FTX!

Sam Bankman-Fried resigns as CEO, FTX files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and then, surprise, surprise, over $600 million goes missing from FTX wallets! The initial …

A Look At The Best CFD Trading Platform

A CFD trading platform from MetaQuotes, in the form of MT4 and MT5, has been the standard other platforms have been judged by for many …

EU Instant Payments

EU Prepares Rules For Instant Payments In Euros

Reuters has reported that the European Union is preparing legislation that would force banks in the Eurozone to offer their customers instant transfers and payments …

KYC Onboarding

What Is KYC Onboarding And Why It Matters

What is KYC onboarding? KYC onboarding refers to the Know Your Customer process that all regulated entities must perform before taking on a new customer. …

What Is Social Trading

What Is Social Trading? A Detailed Definition

So what is social trading exactly, and why has it gained such a strong following over the last few years? Let’s dive into this modern …

Nonfarm Payroll Report

Nonfarm Payroll (NFP) Risk Management Solution

Risk management is a big part of your operations. That is particularly true around major economic releases such as the Nonfarm Payroll. Risk management around …

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