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Our Guide to deploying MAM accounts

Offering your clients a MAM product is a proven way to increase your bottom line with better results and better engagement.

The MAM solution from PLUGIT represents the best way to deploy and manage MAM and PAMM solutions designed for ultimate performance and flexibility.

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  • What are the must-have MAM features to look for
  • How to deploy a MAM solution
  • How to set your Fee Structures
  • How to set Allocation Rules

Industry leading MAM/PAMM plugin

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With our bespoke MAM/PAMM solution, you can easily manage 50,000+ client accounts without constraints, providing your admins and their clients with accurate fund and trade allocation, instant profit distribution, and transparent data analysis.

Easily manage all the elements that directly impact your results and reputation among partners and clients.

Fully branded MAM portal interface

The YOONIT MAM/PAMM module features a highly customizable management tool with dedicated web portals for admins, and clients  complete with advanced features for multi-account management, offering flexible performance fee execution, and ability to create unlimited strategies with multiple allocation methods to suit diverse client needs.

Bonus feature - Copy Trade functionality

To help you generate additional income streams and cater to various types of clients our MAM solution comes with copy trading functionality. Bring together the best clients and provide less experienced ones with a solution that gives an easy market access and improves their trading success rates, while giving professional partners an additional income stream.

Key Features

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