YOONIT: What makes up the complete system – Modules explained

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In our last article we talked about various aspects of the YOONIT system, what makes it so unique, what advantages is has, and the benefits it brings to forex brokerages of different sizes. Now it is time to take a closer look on its modules and their features.

Since its first launch YOONIT system has been upgraded with further module developments and feature improvements over the past years. The result is a powerful solution consisting of five modules that help brokers manage their clients, stream-line operations and boost efficiency.

The five modules include:

  • MAM/PAMM with Copy Trading functionality for advanced money management,
  • Bonus Automation for inclusive campaign and promotion management,
  • Dynamic (Tiered) Margin for high-calibre risk management,
  • IB/Affiliate for multi-level partner management,
  • CRM for effortless client management, KYC and retention.

All YOONIT modules can work together or independently on their own, giving brokers the ultimate freedom of choice and the ability to scale and customize the system as their business grows.

Click the link to read the full article on Finance Magnates, and learn about all of the features and capabilities of each module, as well as other system benefits.

If you’re after a powerful and feature-rich solution that caters to the different departments of your brokerage, contact us to explore your options or request a live demonstration of YOONIT today.

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