Forex Regulation And Key Regulators

Forex Regulations

Forex regulation authorities refer to supervisory bodies that enforce the rules and guidelines that govern the foreign exchange market in any particular country or region. These bodies oversee regulated financial institutions to ensure they abide by the regulations governing all client interactions. Forex trading regulations vary by country, with different nations having regulatory bodies overseeing…

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How To Get Clients For Forex Trading

Hoe To Get More Forex Clients

The success of your brokerage depends on a steady flow of new account activations. This knowledge base article will review some of the best ways to get clients for forex trading. One thing you’ll have noticed over the last few years will have been the surge in marketing and client acquisition costs. As a forex…

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What are the ESMA regulation leverage requirements?

ESMA regulation leverage

On the 1st of August 2018, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) officially adopted new measures for marketing Contracts for Difference (CFDs) to retail clients. These ESMA regulation leverage measures included: Limits on leverage for opening positions; Margin close out rule on a per-account basis; Negative balance protection on a per-account basis; Halting the…

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Best Forex Regulator For Your Brokerage

Forex Regulators

Regulation is one of the topics that come up repeatedly in any discussion regarding a forex brokerage, particularly post-Brexit. To attract traders, a brokerage needs to have some license in place. Today’s traders are much more knowledgeable than they used to be and know what they need to look for in a new broker. A…

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New “cold war” between the US & China and the impact it has brought on the FX trading industry

The USA’s relationship with China has always been complex and progressively deteriorated recently, pulling down with itself global financial markets, stocks, commodities, and currencies. The Sino-US relations sharply worsened following a series of events under Donald Trump’s administration, the most recent and scandalous of which was on Monday 3rd of August, when Trump set September…

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Coronavirus and Forex Trading: Impact and Opportunities

As the world adjusts to the reality of COVID-19, billions of people are focusing not only on the immediate public health implications but also on the economic fallout. With “non-essential” bricks-and-mortar stores shuttered and only outlets such as food shops and pharmacies operating as normal, the impact of the coronavirus is likely to be felt…

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