Forex Broker Solutions – Optimizing Your Client Acquisition

Forex Broker Solutions

Your forex broker solution determines more than your trading environment and products. It also plays a significant part in your client acquisition costs. Success as a forex broker depends on a steady stream of new traders and re-deposits from existing clients. Client acquisition costs have soared over the last few years, and much of the…

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Prop Trading 101 – The What, Where’s and How’s

What is Prop Trading

Prop trading isn’t a new concept but it is one that’s getting a lot of exposure with more and more firms entering the market with their own version and platforms. The number of brokers operating prop trading accounts is also rising as operators see the practice as an efficient way to attract top traders to…

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New PSP Integrations – February 2024

New Payment Processors February 2024

Feedback from our clients plays a big part in the new features we add to our products. As the financial landscape evolves and changes, our partner brokers need to stay ahead of these changes. One of the critical areas has to do with the integration of new payment processors. Changes to regulations and brokers focusing…

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Best Payment Gateway For Forex Brokers

Payment Gateway For Forex Brokers

Choosing the best payment gateway for forex brokers has become one of the key deciders for the success of your operations. We live in a world where consumers, particularly online, demand instant results. Nobody likes waiting for anything, and especially in the world of online trading, your clients expect deposits to arrive in their trading…

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PLUGIT Front and Centre at The iFX EXPO Dubai

PLUGIT at the 2024 Dubai iFX EXPO

January saw the much anticipated iFX EXPO in Dubai. From the 16th to the 18th, the world of Fintech gathered at the Dubai World Trade Centre for what is fast becoming one of the key events on the industry calendar. The PLUGIT team was there, showcasing the latest updates to our range of broker solutions.…

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PLUGIT: Triumphs and Innovations in 2023

2023 in Review

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the year’s highlights for PLUGIT. The company has consistently been at the forefront of the fintech industry for over a decade with a portfolio of proven brokerage products. Fastest Growing Technology Provider MEA The year kicked off in spectacular fashion with PLUGIT taking home…

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What is Dynamic Leverage in Forex

PLUGIT Dynamic Leverage Module

Dynamic leverage is a risk management tool used by brokers to minimize their trade exposure and, at the same time, offer attractive trading conditions while protecting client accounts from the effects of over-leveraged trades. Today’s article will focus on the concept behind Dynamic Leverage and look at real-world applications and how they can apply to…

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An A to Z Forex CRM Glossary

Forex CRM Glossary

A Account Management: Refers to the management of detailed information about individual customer accounts, usually to understand and serve them better. Automation: The process of using software or technology to perform tasks automatically rather than manually, often seen in CRMs for repetitive tasks like emails and reminders. Analytics: Tools or functionalities within a CRM that help interpret and…

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Broker Risk Management And Dynamic Margin

Forex and CFD trading are leveraged products and, by their very nature, involve a degree of risk for both retail traders and broker operators. While various risk management solutions are available to brokers, many of these tend to be reactive in design rather than proactive (Dynamic Margin). Trading today has become a much more complicated…

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Differences between Forex Affiliates and IBs

Forex Affiliates vs IBs

Forex affiliates and introducing brokers (IBs) are common in the finance industry and are involved in promoting and marketing financial products and services. However, the two have some critical differences regarding their roles, responsibilities, and compensation models. Roles and Responsibilities An affiliate is a person or a company that promotes and markets the products or…

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