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PLUGIT is a certified provider of solutions and services to the global Financial Trading industry.  Since 2012, PLUGIT has led the line in smart Forex trading technology that makes a tangible difference to Forex brokerage businesses worldwide.  

Our intuitive, scalable solutions redefine operations and boost the bottom line for both leading institutions and small startups with big ideas.

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Why Choose PLUGIT

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Trusted by
100+ FX Institutions

Reliable Technology and team providing A-class service to our clients.

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Diverse and dynamic team capable
of solving most complex tasks

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to Innovation

Over a decade on the front lines of the Fintech R&D.

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Our robust solutions are designed to optimize your daily operations.

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Expertise and

Solid industry track record allied with in-depth market knowledge.

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to Excellence

Constantly striving for mutual growth with our clients.

Our Solutions and Services

We provide a range of tailored services for FX brokerage firms including solutions, custom developments, integration, consulting, cloud-hosting and support.

Our key offering YOONIT consolidates 6 core forex business functions into one dynamic system that boosts the effectiveness of brokers by operations. Designed to be flexible and uniquely intuitive, YOONIT enables closer cooperation between business units and enhanced performance across all metrics.

With configurable access for all customer-facing team members, granular performance data for managers and P&L overviews for C-levels, YOONIT represents a step change in real-time knowledge sharing and data-driven success

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​Storing information and data on local hard drives nowadays is costly, inefficient and resource-consuming.

Cloud computing platforms tend to be less expensive and more secure, reliable, and flexible than on-premises servers. With the cloud, equipment downtime due to maintenance, theft, or damage is almost non-existent. People can scale, compute and store resources almost instantly when neededIn addition, pay only for the services you use, which provides a level of convenience and cost-control that’s almost impossible to achieve with on-site infrastructure. 

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Let us construct the optimal solution for your business.

Access to 50+
Data Centres Globally

There are not many industries as time critical as Financial Trading and extended downtime is not tolerated in online FX trading. That’s why PLUGIT is committed to maintaining ultra-low latency and uptime of over 99%.

We achieve this through robust redundancy and cloud-based infrastructure, supported by the world’s leading PaaS provider. Our distributed data centers are located in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and in multiple additional hubs in locations including Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, guaranteeing consistent service for all your international clients.

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