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Who we are

PLUGIT is a certified provider of trading technology solutions and services to the global financial trading industry. Since 2012, PLUGIT products have led the line in smart Forex trading technology that makes a tangible difference to Forex brokerage businesses worldwide.

Our intuitive, scalable solutions redefine operations and boost the bottom line for both leading institutions and small startups with big ideas.


Why choose PLUGIT Products

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and Professionalism

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to Innovation

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to Excellence

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by 100+ FX Institutions

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Copy Trading

Attract professional traders, portfolio managers, and different types of investors to your brokerage with a full-fledged MT4 & MT5 MAM/PAMM solution, providing your clients with a complete set of features for effective multi-account management and more.

Dynamic Margin

Manage leverage and exposure, and have your risk monitored and controlled on-the-fly with the dynamic tiered leverage and margin solution. Reduce human error and improve efficiency by building automation into your risk management workflow, giving you greater control of your operations.
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IB & Affiliate Management

Build your client base through web affiliates and introducers, attending to unique requirements of different markets worldwide with our advanced affiliate solution and IB referral tools.

Bonus Management

Give your clients an incentive to trade and attract new ones by introducing different types of bonuses from your brokerage. Set up unlimited customized and parallel campaigns, rewarding your traders based on the predefined criteria with an automated bonus campaign solution.
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Forex CRM

Manage and control the full life cycle of your customers and get a birds-eye view of your business’s profitability from a single dashboard with our essential CRM solution. From compliance and on-boarding to lead tracking, conversion, and retention.

Admin & Client Portal

Access branded web terminals based on user roles and permissions from a single url. Oversee the activity and performance of your team and clients, and streamline all internal processes with YOONIT’s Admin portal, while giving your traders, IB’s, and Money Managers a dedicated Client area for a smooth trading experience.
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