A CRM solution is essential for your brokerage operation and is vital for your business realization as it ensures that you do not alienate your traders, partners, investors, and other company’s stakeholders.


Get the optimal user experience with YOONIT CRM Solution

YOONIT CRM provides you with the essential tool set to organize and fine-tune your work to the extent you require. Fully manage your leads and customers, streamline lead conversion, client onboarding and retention, and see the birds-eye view of your business activity from one centralized dashboard.

Secure your data

With dedicated resource allocation for each YOONIT environment, our CRM provides maximum data safety and control, with the ability to securely host information on state-of-the-art data centers worldwide and perform any upgrades hassle free, preventing data leak and ensuring 24/7 availability.

“Whether you are just about to launch your own FX brokerage, or you are an already established entity, YOONIT is the one system you will need to tick all the boxes.”

Optimal work efficiency

Grant permissions to access job related parts of the CRM to each member of your business.

Process automation

Save up to 70% of the document processing time and minimize human error across departments.

Instant Notifications

Be hands-on your business’s operations and activity with instant system notifications.



YOONIT CRM module comes with branded Admin and Client web-portals, and enables brokers achieve higher conversion efficiency, smooth client management and retention, as well as streamline KYC and on-boarding digitally with pre-defined templates; where multiple departments of a brokerage can work together and manage a full clients’ lifecycle conveniently within a single interface.