Your brokerage relies on a CRM your can rely on for all your operations.
The PLUGIT Forex CRM was developed to cater to the unique needs of Forex Brokers.

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Optimize your Lead Conversions, Client Management and Increase your Retention

YOONIT CRM module enables brokers to achieve smooth lead conversion, from contact to lead to client. It streamlines KYC and onboarding digitally with pre-defined templates to ensure all clients fully comply with regulatory requirements across jurisdictions and internal company policies.

Where multiple departments of a brokerage can work together and manage an entire client lifecycle within a single interface, YOONIT CRM can help achieve higher conversion efficiency, smooth client management, and retention.

Work Smarter

Intelligent automation in the PLUGIT Forex CRM will have all your departments working at optimum efficiency.

Better Processing

The advanced PLUGIT technology ensures faster onboard client processing clients for better brokerage ROI .

Instant Notifications

Never miss a beat with instant notifications in the PLUGIT Forex CRM for all the important events in your business.

User Experience

PLUGIT CRM User Experience

Our CRM solution has been built with a functional back office and client area to accommodate the needs of both brokers and their clients, featuring an intuitive and straightforward interface for the ultimate user experience.

Lead Tracking

PLUGIT CRM Lead Tracking

Give your Sales team an edge with smart yet simple lead-tracking functionality to better understand where your traffic and referrals come from. Your data has a story, and YOONIT can help you define it.

Lead Conversion

PLUGIT CRM Lead Conversion

Your contacts present your most significant opportunity to capture important client information and convert leads into clients. Never miss a single piece of information about your clients and prospects alike with the sophisticated technology of YOONIT CRM.

Client Lifecycle

PLUGIT CRM Client Lifecycle

Lead processing, conversion, and client retention can get overwhelming. With YOONIT CRM, you can effectively handle complex tasks, including KYC procedures, account management, retention, and more.

PLUGIT CRM Secure Your Data

Secure your Data

With dedicated resource allocation for each YOONIT environment, our CRM provides maximum data safety and control, with the ability to securely host information on state-of-the-art data centers worldwide and perform any upgrades hassle-free, preventing data leaks and ensuring 24/7 availability.

Back-Office and Client Area

Our Forex CRM grants you access to dedicated user portals, including Admin and Client. The Admin portal allows brokers to manage the overall system and global users and assign roles and permissions for each user to access specific data.

The Client portal enables users to manage their accounts and trades, link multiple accounts from different servers under one user, perform various actions, upload/download documents, open new accounts, make internal & external transactions, and more.

PLUGIT Forex CRM Back-Office and Client Area
PLUGIT Forex CRM Customization

Match to your Brand

Our highly customizable, fully branded GUI allows you to fine-tune every aspect of your business, minimizing your dependency on the custom development work. Add languages, group client segments into pools, apply group rules and designate trading conditions to clients.

Classify your internal team, leads, clients, and partners with corresponding settings for increased efficiency and optimization.

Multiple E-Wallets

Your clients will enjoy enhanced fund safety with the secure multi-currency e-wallets for deposit/withdrawal and instant fund transfers to internal/external accounts and between MetaTrader servers.

Our technology streamlines all your funding operations so clients never miss market opportunities because of payment delays.

PLUGIT Forex CRM Integrations

Compatibility and Integration

The PLUGIT CRM integrates securely with popular global payment gateways for automated account funding and transfers in various major and cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the existing functionality, YOONIT can be integrated with other 3rd party software of choice (i.e., legal, VoIP, PSP solutions), enabling you to cater to a far wider audience for different business needs.


Features your business can rely on to increase Client Conversion, Deposits and Trade Volumes

  • Customizable email templates, KYC templates, and registration forms.

  • Detailed operation logs for automated or manual handling of client requests.

  • Automated reminders for document renewals.

  • Detailed reports and analytics for all your critical business areas.

  • Custom registration groups and platform links.

forex crm features

Optimize your Operations

Customizable email templates, KYC templates, and registration forms.

Detailed operation logs for automated or manual handling of client requests.

Automated reminders for document renewals.

Live campaign performance tracking, monitoring, and reporting.

Custom registration groups and platform links.

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