Partner management Solution

Grow your IB network worldwide

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Multi-tiered pay-outs

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Portfolio Performance

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Intuitive IB client area

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Expand your network with YOONIT IB/Affiliate solution

Grow your revenues and expand your client base through a multitude of affiliate networks and introducing brokers, attending to unique requirements of different markets worldwide with our advanced affiliate solution and IB referral tools, designed to fit diverse requirements of the financial trading industry.

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State of the art partner management

Equip your brokerage with a professional IB management system, providing your partners with all the tools they need to manage their referred clients, set diversified commission schemes, track performance with detailed real-time reporting, and drive more clients to your business. Our intelligent IB/Affiliate solution allows you to control and automate the entire process of commission pay-outs and partner management programs.

Develop long-lasting partnerships

Secure your brokerage and safeguard your partners’ data with a safe client environment and system permission settings for each user, keeping your partners’ portfolios and client information protected from unauthorized access and data leak, while the flexible rebate and commission algorithms prevent commission abuse and automatically distribute pay-outs after meeting pre-defined conditions. Building long-lasting partnerships with YOONIT is easy.

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Some more features

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Unlimited IB and sub-IB tiers

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Multiple commission configurations

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Instant commission distribution

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Advanced reporting and portfolio analysis

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Customizable registration forms

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Fully branded & seamlessly integrated portal


Our IB/ Affiliate

A powerful IB management system that helps you create, manage, track, and analyze your partnerships, and boost your IB acquisition worldwide. Customize and automate your partner programs and commission pay-outs and set up unlimited multi-level IB and sub-IB commission schemes, streamlining some of the most challenging and resource-intensive tasks with our bespoke IB/Affiliate module.

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