Bonus Management

Introducing bonuses is an accessible way to expand the client base and boost the trading activity of your brokerage by creating flexible reward schemes.

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Automate promotions and attract clients with YOONIT Bonus Management Solution

Give your clients an incentive to trade and attract new ones by introducing different types of promotions from your brokerage with our intuitive automated bonus management solution. Set up a variety of diversified tailored campaigns and reward schemes hassle free and risk free.

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Boost client acquisition and engagement.

Struggling to attract new clients, while the existing ones are being inactive? Our intelligent bonus management solution will make your brokerage stand out and help achieve your sales and marketing goals through a combination of smart reward schemes. Create attention catching promotions that allow you to acquire clients effectively with a rich selection of bonus types at your fingertips.

Safeguard from bonus abusing behavior.

YOONIT Bonus Automation module provides you with maximum flexibility to create tailored promotions fit to your needs. Set the conditions your traders must meet before they are eligible for a bonus, or on how they will receive one. Create niche campaigns for different client segments to achieve a higher engagement rate. Once set up, multiple promotions can run in parallel, with automated rules for instant credit allocation. The module automatically monitors all active campaigns for easy tracking.

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Prioritize campaigns and increase involvement.

Create multiple campaigns with priority levels to encourage new and existing clients to register, make deposits, and trade, as well as motivate your IB partners to actively participate in growing your client base and promote your brokerage. Offer your clients a variety of bonuses fit to their preferences with our rich bonus configuration options for referrals, registrations, deposits, and trading.

Automation & control.

YOONIT’s flexible bonus management solution will eliminate restrictions that come with manual work. Your team can easily set up multiple campaigns to run in parallel - attracting specific target clients, while automatically allocating bonuses based on predefined criteria - giving you a precise and efficient bonus management experience.

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Some more features

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Expand your client base and increase revenue with essential marketing campaigns.
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Monitor every part of your marketing efforts and allow your team to react instantly based on the insights.
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Fine-tune your promotional campaigns with many available configuration options and get measurable results.
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Live campaign performance tracking, monitoring and reporting.

Our Bonus
Automation Module

YOONIT Bonus Automation module is an advanced bonus management tool for brokers featuring a convenient web-interface where admins can configure and run a variety of bonus campaigns based on a rich selection of promotion types to attract new clients and reward traders. Promotions are automated, while the built-in protection mechanism safeguards you from a bonus abuse.

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