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YOONIT is a modular trading support platform, comprising 6 core Forex business functions. With our unique toolkit at your fingertips, you will be able to handle complex tasks ranging from Forex account management and Forex KYC procedures to real-time risk management and more. As your day-to-day processes evolve, we’ll provide you with the ability to rapidly reinvent workflows and ensure peak performance. 

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Why choose YOONIT

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Flexibility & Scalability

Amplify and customize the system
as your business grows

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Cost Efficient & Timesaving

Fast setup providing you with the
quickest market access

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Redundancy & Continuity

Robust failover plan and
99.99% +uptime

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Automation & Control

Hassle-free, improved efficiency
and reduced human error.

Privacy & Security

Dedicated resource
allocation, GDPR-compliant

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Low Latency &
Quick Market Access

Data center distribution and robust redundancy are the keys to the low latency and platform stability we deliver. Built on the latest Microsoft Azure infrastructure, YOONIT cloud-based platform guarantees uptime of over 99%. Deployment is rapid, with minimal integration, providing the fastest market access and instant configurability to meet your developing business needs. 

Cost-efficient & Flexible

The FX market never sleeps and your business never stands still. Customize the platform and finetune the combination of modules you rely on as your business expands –  with no volume fees, you will enjoy significant economies of scale with zero downside. Giving unparalleled flexibility to clients, all YOONIT modules work together as an entire platform or independently to accommodate different types of clients. One centralized platform gives you full control over all the elements that make up your tailored solution

Plugit Yoonit cost efficient flexibility
Plugit Yoonit multi level access

Multi-Level Access &
Data Protection

Managing income streams effectively is a crucial dimension of any FX trading business. With YOONIT’s complete FX back office, you’ll be able to oversee the activity and profitability of Traders, IBs, Money Managers and other stakeholders, while the Client and IB Portals provide more vital intelligence on Introducing Brokers and Affiliates than any standard Forex IB platform or Forex affiliate solution. You can also grant varying levels of access to different users across your workforce, in order to optimize hierarchical workflows and safeguard sensitive data.

The Technological Edge

To counter both existing and emerging threats, our encryption protocols are constantly updated to safeguard your core interests and your trading community. We ensure seamless integration with Metatrader platforms, a wide range of payment system providers (PSPs) and other 3rd party applications. And because we know that every brokerage is unique, our API architecture allows you to incorporate any additional software for your needs.

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