Money Management Solution

Incorporating a MAM / PAMM solution is an effective way to grow your brokerage and diversify your client base. Attract professional traders and Money Managers to your business with a powerful solution that lets you excel among your competitors.

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Grow and diversify your brokerage with YOONIT MAM/PAMM solution

With our bespoke MAM solution you will be able to easily manage 50,000+ trading accounts without constraints, providing your Money Managers and their investors with accurate fund and trade allocation, instant profit distribution, and transparent data analysis – all of the elements that have a direct impact on your brokerage’s finances and reputation among partners and clients.

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Able to handle vast number of orders simultaneously with instant trigger and precision, without slowing down your MT servers.
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Instant configuration setting via web portal outside of MetaTrader level, without server access restrictions or operational bottlenecks.
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Greater flexibility to allocate the trades and adjust the status of each investor at a given time, based on each client’s risk profile.
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Agile Trade Execution

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Flexible performance fees

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Advanced trade analysis

Generate new income streams

To help you generate additional income streams and cater to various types of clients our MAM solution comes with copy trading functionality. Bring together the best traders and provide less experienced ones with a solution that gives an easy market access and improves their trading success rates, while letting professional traders gain extra profits on commissions.
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Progressive updates and customization

So that you and your Money Managers can leverage off the stability and rich functionality of our solution.

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Wide Range of allocation methods

To create unlimited trading strategies and manage investor portfolios with utmost flexibility.

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Fully branded MAM portal interface

With your company name, logo, links, and brand colors – to give your clients an optimal user experience.



The YOONIT MAM/PAMM module features a management tool with dedicated portals for admins, Money Managers, and investors, complete with advanced features for multi-account management, and provides greater customization with configurability, flexible performance fee executions, and ability to create unlimited strategies with multiple allocation methods. Comes with copy-trading functionality for additional profit generation.

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