Offer your clients competitive trading conditions
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Set Exposure Limits based on NOP (Net Open Positions), Symbol, or Account levels with
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rule-based risk management

Optimum efficiency with PLUGIT's intelligent Dynamic Tiers and Session Profiles

Manage leverage and exposure, and have your risk monitored and controlled on-the-fly with our dynamic tiered leverage and margin solution. Reduce human error and improve efficiency by building automation into your risk management workflow, giving you greater control of your brokerage trading operations.

Traditional margin solutions operate on fixed parameters. PLUGIT's Dynamic Margin monitors your entire trading environment and automatically reacts to any trade activity over your optimum exposure levels.

We take this optimization one step further with our unique Equity setting, which lets you set all your Margin tiers based on the available equity in a client account.

Define your margin tiers, and our intelligent technology goes to work for your brokerage around the clock, 24/7.

PLUGIT's Exposure Limit Control technology controls your risk strategy while setting client trading conditions based on your defined parameters. Automate your trade exposure limits based on NOP (Net Open Positions) with two modes (Number of Lots and Notional Value).

Our unique Sessions feature adapts your margin to pre-defined levels around specified time frames, ideal for high-demand trading like Economic Calendar Events. Set your levels for the event, and Dynamic Margin automatically regulates the trading conditions for all your clients, reverting to your default once the event window has closed.


Intelligent Technology for Better Results!

All-in-one Dashboard

All-In-One Dashboard

Manage multiple MT4 and MT5 servers and WLs from a single dashboard for instant accessibility, configurability, and monitoring.

Powerful & Flexible

Powerful and Flexible Risk Management

Make changes, and enable or disable risk management options from the user-friendly web interface without restarting your trade servers.

Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Risk Management Strategy Updates

Modify settings on-the-fly and make real-time adjustments during major events to keep ahead of trade risk and market volatility.

Sync with MetaTrader

Sync Directly with MT4 and MT5

Stay informed and trace all performed actions in MetaTrader journals to always be in complete control of your brokerage environment.

Session Profile Tiers

Session Profile Tiers

While News Trading is one of the most widely used strategies among retail traders, the potential for volatility does mean many brokers limit their client trading around major events on the economic calendar, leading to significantly lower trade volumes around these events.

In our latest update to our Dynamic Margin module, the Session Profile Tiers functionality lets you offer uninterrupted trading to all your clients.

Define your tiers and time windows, and our automation engine adjusts the leverage automatically based on your settings and criteria.

Dynamic Margin Tiers

Other risk management solutions limit your client's trading conditions, which means lower deposits and trading volumes for your brokerage.

PLUGIT's Dynamic Margin Technology lets you offer exceptional trading conditions to all your clients while maintaining total control over your leverage and trade exposure.

With our Dynamic Tiers, you can define your risk profile using our three distinct modes, choosing from NV (Notional Value), LT (Lot), and our unique EQ (Equity) models.

Margin Tiers
Analytical Toolset

Next-generation Analytical Toolset

With our Risk Management solution, brokers can take both manual and automated protection measures, which is of significant value to any dealing desk.

With such high volumes of clients and volatility in retail FX, automation is critical to succeed and optimize the business' operational effectiveness and ultimate profit.

The key is to have a proactive action plan for the risks on the book and provide automated tools to mitigate risks, such as dynamically adjusting margins based on client exposure.

a unique risk management solution

Powerful Functionality

  • Margin Tiers

    Manage leverage based on defined tiers per symbol level or account level.

  • All Asset Classes

    FX, CFDs, Futures & CFD Indices with Leverage and Percentage options depending on type.

  • Exposure Limits

    Set Exposure Limits based on NOP (Net Open Positions), Symbol, or Account levels.

  • Rule Based

    Set rules in bulk or individually for instrument, security, account, group level or any mix.

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