Risk Management Solution

Offer your clients attractive trading conditions while automatically controlling and reducing your risk exposure.

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Manage risks on the fly with YOONIT Dynamic Margin solution

Manage leverage and exposure, and have your risk monitored and controlled on-the-fly with our dynamic tiered leverage and margin solution. Reduce human error and improve efficiency by building automation into your risk management workflow, giving you greater control of your operations.

Some key features
we know you will like.

01.Manage multiple MT4 and MT5 servers and WLs from a single dashboard for instant accessibility, configurability, and monitoring.

02. Make changes, enable, or disable the plugin from the convenient web-interface, without the need to restart the servers.

03.Modify settings on-the-fly and make real-time adjustments during major events to keep ahead of volatility.

04.Stay informed and trace all performed actions in MetaTrader journals to always be in complete control of your operations.

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Next generation analytical toolset

With the Dynamic Margin solution brokers can take both manual and automated measures of protection, which is of significant value to any dealing desk. With such high volumes of clients and volatility in retail FX, automation is critical to succeed and optimize the business’ operational effectiveness and ultimate profit. The key is to have a proactive action plan for the risks on the book, as well as providing automated tools to mitigate risks such as dynamically adjusting margins based on client exposure.

Rule-based risk management

Incorporating rule-based automated Dynamic Margin solution into your risk management toolset will allow you to configure your risk management policies precisely across workflows and enable your brokerage to switch between different markets and react to dramatic market events. Simply set exposure limits per client and per instrument, how the margin should change, and when the changes shall apply, and let the technology do the work.
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Our Dynamic
Margin Module

YOONIT’s Dynamic Margin module is a powerful tool developed for brokers that are looking to manage their leverage and exposure using dynamic tiered leverage based on margin levels, and have their risks monitored and controlled on-the-fly. The module supports unlimited margin profiles and tiers, enabling brokers to offer rich leverage options to accommodate different client needs.

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