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Best Payment Gateway For Forex Brokers

Choosing the best payment gateway for forex brokers has become one of the key deciders for the success of your operations. We live in a world where consumers, particularly online, demand instant results. Nobody likes waiting for anything, and especially in the world of online trading, your clients expect deposits to arrive in their trading accounts instantaneously. If your payment gateway can’t keep up, your brokerage will lose clients.

Technology has come a long way from the early days of online trading when credit card deposits were groundbreaking! Nowadays, it’s all about offering a range of payment options, including credit cards, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies. The world of payment processing for forex brokers has expanded, and you’ll be faced with dozens of options to choose from. How do you choose the best payment gateway for your forex operations?

The world of online forex has grown exponentially over the last decade, and with that growth has come increased competition. As competition grows, so does the cost of client acquisition. Gone are the days when forex brokers could budget 15K monthly on Google Ads.

Check your Ads account and for any industry keywords with even average lead potential, recommended daily budgets range from $900 to $1,800, with CPC numbers over $100 for some keywords.

When a click costs you $100, the last thing you want is ineffective funding options. New clients will rarely give you the benefit of the doubt, and if your payment gateway doesn’t provide that instant result we spoke about earlier, you’re burning Benjamins.

Wasting Google Ads Budget

So is a Payment Gateway just another way of saying Payment Processor? While you might hear the terms used equally in any discussion regarding payment services, there are some important albeit subtle differences in reality.

A Payment Gateway collects and verifies client payment information, ensuring the information is accurate, and then sends that information to the Payment Processor. The Payment Processor communicates that information between your brokerage and the payment portal (credit card, bank, eWallet), transferring the correct amount so the client can fund their account with you.

The difference lies in the function. Your Payment Processor facilitates transactions, and your Payment Gateway handles the transaction’s approval or denial.

Without a forex Payment Gateway, you can’t verify payment information; without Payment Processors, you can’t request and receive funds. While Payment Gateways can only be used with an associated Payment Processor, some Payment Processors can act as stand-alone solutions.

Stripe, for example, integrates both sides of the payment equation into a single, streamlined platform. Another example of an integrated platform is Skrill, which provides access to over one hundred payment methods under one account and portal.

A Forex broker’s Payment Gateway makes it far easier to accept client deposits in various ways. Not all your new clients will want to use credit and debit cards to fund their account.

Local eWallet options, for example, can have considerable cost benefits for online payments in specific geographic locations. If you don’t offer these particular payment services, you’ll likely see a reduction in deposits from the particular region.

Integrated Payment Gateways take care of all the background work for you. They’re already connected to credit card providers, e-wallets, and banks, so with a single integration, your brokerage can now accept client deposits from various options and in multiple currencies.

Accepting cryptocurrency deposits is another headache a Payment Gateway solves for forex merchants. Cryptocurrencies have their own compliance procedures, and the sheer number of coins in circulation can make integrations a massive task for you.

The Payment Gateway enables you to accept crypto deposits and smoothes the KYC and fraud prevention behind using cryptocurrencies in the foreign exchange market.

What should you look for in a Forex Payment Gateway?

Data Security:

Most forex brokers don’t store client financial details, which would require running on PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant servers. Ensuring data security becomes the responsibility of your Payment Gateway.

Security breaches can expose sensitive data, including financial and personal information, and any exposure can lead to severe disruption to your business, client withdrawals, and even regulatory issues. Look for gateway providers with stringent security protocols and KYC procedures to safeguard your best interests in what can be a high risk business.


Your business is offering trading services rather than integration development. Look for providers with existing connections to trade-related services and APIs to make the integration process as pain-free as possible. Downtime is an expensive time! Finding a Payment Gateway with existing integrations is crucial.

Currency Options:

The forex industry is an international market, and your clients will look for deposit options in their local currency to avoid additional exchange rate costs. Offering these local currency options is critical, and your payment system should allow you to accept payments in multiple currencies.

Processing Speed:

We’ve already touched on the instant result requirements, but it’s worth mentioning again for emphasis. Remember that clients associate slow a slow transaction process with slow trade execution speed. As far as your clients are concerned, your Payment Gateway is part of your system, and if deposits are slow, that will reflect on your brokerage in general.

Offering multiple secure payment options is a crucial consideration for forex brokers. The more payment options your clients have, the easier it is to fund their accounts and start trading with you.

Recent years have witnessed a shift to new markets and regions, and with that comes the need to offer a broader range of funding options.

At PLUGIT, we currently support over fifty Payment Gateways and Processors with direct support for many of the best payment gateway for forex brokers available today:


Skrill Forex Payment Gateway

Skrill is an integrated payment solution designed to process client deposits through a range of payment methods. Skrill offers instant transactions, sophisticated data security, and multi-currency processing.

With over one hundred deposit methods, including Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, and eWallets, Skrill is one of the most popular gateways for brokers. Skrill offers enhanced chargeback and fraud protection, competitive pricing dates, and a simplified integration process with a full API for easy connection. The portal supports over forty currencies with advanced reporting and analytics.


Stripe offers a comprehensive toolset for forex brokers aimed at streamlining client deposits. With advanced payment processing capabilities, multi-currency support, and real-time financial reporting,

Stripe allows brokers to offer a seamless payment experience, accept deposits in a wide range of currencies through a variety of payment methods, including Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, and popular eWallets.

Stripe boasts advanced security measures and fraud detection tools, keeping transactions secure and compliant. These features allow forex brokers to optimize operations, expand their global reach, and achieve better client onboarding and deposits.


Praxis is a highly versatile Payment Gateway with advanced features such as intelligent routing, dynamic currency conversion, and a sophisticated decline recovery algorithm designed to achieve higher deposit approval and success rates.

Supporting over five hundred payment solutions in 200+ currencies, Praxis offers brokers a truly localized payment solution, leading to increased account funding efficiency and client satisfaction. Praxis has a single account and portal setup with advanced security features and a virtual terminal to manage all client deposits in a single portal.


Choosing the best payment gateway for forex brokers is an essential element for the success of your operations. Brokers can only operate with client deposits, so making it as simple as possible for clients to trade with you is crucial to the success of your brokerage. Smoothing the deposit process enhances client deposits, leading to higher volumes and revenues and building trust with your brand. One of the most common client complaints has to do with funding issues.

Forex traders are notoriously fickle; even minor delays can cause complaints and escalations. Offering efficient and cost-effective funding options gives your brokerage a competitive edge. Make it easy for traders to do business with you, and your deposits will increase!

PLUGIT makes it easy for your brokerage to accept payments. We can connect your business to traders in multiple countries and currencies through our network of supported gateways and processors.

We integrate everything directly with your trading platforms so clients can deposit and start trading with minimum delay.


Our flagship offering, YOONIT, is a collection of trader tools designed to manage and optimize your operations.

A two-time winner of the Ultimate Fintech Best All-In-One Brokerage Solution, YOONIT comprises six separate products:

  • CRM
  • Dynamic Margin
  • Copy Trading
  • Bonus Management
  • Partner Management

YOONIT is a modular solution that allows brokers to use only the products they need. You can choose one or all of our solutions depending on your requirements.

The best way to experience the power of our technology is through a no-obligation demo. We’d welcome the opportunity, so contact us today, and we’ll show you how we can help you choose the best payment gateway for forex brokers!

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