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Solution for Forex Brokers – Updated for 2023

A reliable forex broker solution is essential for any brokerage. This is especially true in today’s fast-paced world. Users expect quick responses, and that goes for their trading as well.

The right technology doesn’t just give you an advantage anymore. The right technology is an absolute must for your brokerage to thrive and deliver the results you expect to see. Very few business owners start a new brokerage as a vanity project. Financial gain is the driving factor, and maximizing your financial gain calls for the right tools.

Retail traders today have a much wider choice of brokers. That brings its own set of problems, such as increased acquisition costs and reduced retention rates. Traders are mobile, so creating the right combination of products and pricing is crucial.

Your choice of solution for forex brokers is not just about transmitting trades; it’s about creating engagement and building relationships with your traders.

Picking the correct solution for your forex brokerage can determine if it succeeds or struggles to stay competitive and profitable. Understanding the brokerage solution landscape becomes crucial to your success.

Essential Features in a Brokerage Solution

User Experience: Everything today is about instant results. With the technological advances over the last ten years or so, users of any system expect instant results. Add to that the “urgency” of the markets, and your traders will expect an immediate response from your systems.

Security: There’s no doubt the digital age has given us a world of convenience and advantages, but that comes with its own challenges. One of the biggest challenges brokers face is securing the integrity of their client data. Cyber threats are everywhere, and an ever-changing regulatory landscape makes increasingly complex demands on your data protection strategies.

Solution for Forex Brokers

Data Tools: Everything you do as a broker is data-driven. That’s just a fact of the industry. Trading generates a staggering volume of data, which, when analyzed effectively, can lead to additional client deposits and increased trading volume and revenues.

Scalability: As your forex business grows, attracting more and more clients, the operational complexity of your brokerage also increases. Your forex solution should be able to scale up to match this without compromising performance or efficiency.

Automation: In the early days of the online trading industry, many operations were carried out manually. This was possible because the industry was far smaller and more straightforward. Today’s sheer volume of active traders and the massive increase in the number and complexity of available trading instruments on the forex markets make automation a must.

Modular System: Your business needs to be flexible to succeed, and any system that ties you into a fixed layout will never be flexible. Not all FX brokers have the same requirements or trading systems, so a one-size-fits-all approach is anything but efficient.

User-Centric Design: Software of any nature today focuses on the user. Your clients will expect your systems to be not only functional but also user-friendly and intuitive. This user-centric approach fosters engagement, leading to higher deposits and trade volumes.

Simplified Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory Compliance and KYC will affect your operations depending on the jurisdictions in which your brokerage operates. For example, your clients will not appreciate complicated KYC procedures, regardless of the process your brokerage needs to adhere to. Simplifying your onboarding and KYC procedures will reflect in your FTD and retention numbers.

Introducing YOONIT by PLUGIT

PLUGIT has been one of the leading innovators in Fintech since 2012. Our modular YOONIT suite first appeared in 2019 with five distinct modules in our solution for forex brokers. A Forex CRM, Bonus Automation module, IB and Affiliate Management system, Dynamic Margin Risk Management, MAM/PAMM solution. A dedicated Copy Trade module is due for release later this year.

Built with the integrity of your data in mind, YOONIT leverages the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud environment for unmatched performance and security.

We designed YOONIT to be the ultimate in flexibility. Regardless of which modules you use, our Admin/Client portal makes managing your operations a breeze. YOONIT is a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions that simplify, streamline, and optimize your operations.

YOONIT will be immediately familiar to your clients, with an engaging user interface and an intuitive navigation layout. This design makes for a better trading experience for better engagement, which leads to increased revenue for your brokerage business.

The onboarding features in the YOONIT Forex CRM module make easy work of your onboarding procedures. Fully customizable and with the trademark PLUGIT automation technology, our forex broker solutions simplify your processes and increase your results.

The YOONIT solution for forex brokers brings together the essential tools your brokerage needs to thrive under one unified platform.

Whether it’s the modular approach, powerful automation, unparalleled scalability, design, or simplified processes, YOONIT promises to be an essential tool and a vital partner in developing your brokerage.

But, as the saying goes, seeing is believing. Why not experience this revolutionary platform firsthand?

We invite you to sign up for a demo today and witness how YOONIT can redefine the trajectory of your brokerage operations. Elevate your trading; the future awaits!

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PLUGIT uses your information to contact you about our products and services. For more details, please check our Privacy Policy.