Dynamic Margin

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Managing risk with dynamic tiered leverage based on margin levels

YOONIT’s Dynamic Margin Module is a powerful tool developed for brokers that are looking to manage their leverage and exposure using dynamic tiered leverage based on margin levels, and have their risks monitored and controlled on-the-fly. Dynamic Margin provides fully automated protection from surges in exposure and risk level reduction without having to turn away business.

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Multiple margin profiles

Create multiple margin profiles on the same instrument or account with priority levels to equip for different scenarios.

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Rich leverage

Offer rich leverage options to accommodate different client needs, create unlimited margin profiles and margin tiers.

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Monitor, manage, control and support with our unique key features

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Monitors and adjusts leverage automatically based on pre-defined margin tiers, down to per symbol (exposure) or account (NOP) level.

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Supports all types of instruments on MT4 and MT5 (FX, Metal, Futures, CFD, CFD-Index).

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Rules can be set in bulk or individually for instrument / security / account / group level or a mix of any.

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Can recognize open, pending, and hedged orders, giving brokers flexibility on how to handle different types of orders when calculating the margin.


Our Risk

Manage leverage and exposure, and have your risk monitored and controlled on-the-fly with the dynamic tiered leverage and margin solution. Reduce human error and improve efficiency by building automation into your risk management workflow, giving you greater control of your operations.

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