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Smooth lead conversion, client management and retention

YOONIT CRM module enables brokers achieve smooth lead conversion, from contact to lead to client, as well as streamline KYC and on-boarding digitally with pre-defined templates to ensure all clients are fully compliant with regulatory requirements across jurisdictions, and internal company’s policies. Where multiple departments of a brokerage can work together and manage a full clients’ lifecycle within a single interface, YOONIT CRM can help achieve higher conversion efficiency, smooth client management and retention.

Back-office & Client Area

YOONIT CRM grants you access to dedicated user portals, including Admin and Client. The Admin portal allows brokers to manage the overall system and global users, assign roles and permissions for each user to access specific data. The Client portal enables users to manage their accounts and trades, link multiple accounts from different servers all under one user, and perform various types of actions, upload/download documents, open new accounts, make internal & external transactions and more.


Highly customizable, fully branded GUI, granting brokers freedom to finetune every aspect of their business, minimizing the dependency on the provider. Add languages, group client segments into pools, apply group rules, and designate trading conditions to clients. Classify your internal team, leads, clients and partners with corresponding settings for greater operability.


Your clients will enjoy greater fund safety with the secure multi-currency e-wallets for deposit/withdrawal, as well as instant transfer of funds to internal/external accounts and between MetaTrader servers, streamlining funding transactions so that no market opportunities are missed because of payment delays. Available for users without MT accounts.

Compatibility and Integration

Securely integrated with popular global payment gateways for automated account funding and transfers in different major and crypto currencies. In addition to the existing functionality, YOONIT can be integrated with other 3rd party software of choice (i.e., legal, VoIP, PSP solutions) enabling you to cater to a global audience for different business needs.


Some more features

Customizable ready-made email templates, multi-purpose KYC templates and registration forms

Detailed reports and analytics, covering registration, trade, transaction logs, account status and more.

Transparent operation logs for automatic or manual handling of various types of user requests.

Registration groups and platform links

Automatic reminders for documents renewal

5 default system languages, with easy-add functionality for more

“Save Up to 70% of the document processing time and minimize human error”


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Attain a high degree of operational efficiency, maximize cost-savings, and get complete control of your clients with YOONIT’s dynamic CRM solution. Using our modern platform for your client management will allow you to automate parts of your business, customize everything from e-mail templates to unique KYC requirements, and see the big picture of your business from a single interface.

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