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Multi-tier IB commission schemes & automated pay-outs

A powerful IB management system that helps you create, manage, track, and analyse your partnerships, and boost your IB acquisition worldwide. Customize and automate your partner programs and commission pay-outs and set up unlimited multi-level IB and sub-IB commission schemes, streamlining one of the most challenging and resource-intensive tasks with our bespoke IB/Affiliate module.

A multi-functional IB portal

Fully featured IB portal for your IBs and affiliates where they can easily track clients, leads, performance, account statements, commissions, sub-IB statements and various breakdown reports, as well as manage their accounts and set up promotional campaigns from a user-friendly interface.

Automatic Client Allocation

IB links and referrals functionality to create banner ad campaigns for automatic client allocation to IBs and agents, helping streamline on-boarding and ensure accurate rebate pay-outs. Fill in the details and generate registration links in one click for your IBs to use in their ad campaigns and monitor each sign up.

Effectively grow your Partnerships

Ability to customize or delete referral links at any time, review campaign performance and apply filters to quickly find and edit the details of an existing campaign, letting you manage and grow your IB partnerships effectively.

Commission schemes & tracking

With YOONIT’s intuitive, multilingual, multicurrency and easy to integrate IB/Affiliate module brokers can set up, view and manage an unlimited number of multi-tiered hierarchical pay-out schemes with custom commission profiles and allocations to specific clients.
Add different profile configurations to each IB, with flexible commission types (trade lot, trade percentage, action based), priority levels, applicable to selected securities and symbols, and trade sides (open/closed orders), with the ability to choose the preferred commission distribution type (pips, USD/lot, markup, swap, commission as per MetaTrader settings and more).
Review every transaction and activity within your IB network with registration and performance tracking and analyse your business profitability via comprehensive reporting within the portal.

Some more features

Multi-level sub-IB structures

Real-time commission (Instant pay-out)

Flexible multi-tiered commission schemes

Automated or manual payments

IB banners & links for automatic client allocation

Virtual wallet for IB commissions

Registration & performance tracking

In-depth real-time reporting


Our Partner Management

Build your client base through web affiliates and introducers, attending to unique requirements of different markets worldwide with our advanced affiliate solution and IB referral tools.