MAM / PAMM & Signals Module for MT4 & MT5

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Leading MAM/PAMM software for MT4 & MT5

The YOONIT MAM/PAMM software interfaces to trading servers via an MT4 & MT5 plugin and features web-based management for money managers, signal providers and investors, complete with advanced features for multi-account management, and provides a high degree of customization with configurability, flexible performance fee executions, and ability to create unlimited strategies with multiple allocation methods, as well as enable copy-trading feature for additional profit generation.

Allocation methods

The module offers 8 different allocation types to suit diverse client needs, where Money Managers can have utmost flexibility to create strategies and manage investor’s funds and trades. Featuring equity, cash, balance, lot-based rules, with additional methods applicable to copy-trading such as multiplier, actual value, and percentage of equity, giving extra freedom to both Signals and Copiers to choose the trade direction and size.

Portal functionality

Through a dedicated Client portal, Money Managers, Signals Providers and investors will get a complete overview of their account and trade information, including live and historical trade data, performance overview, funding and capital statistics, profitability analysis and much more. Users can also perform different types of actions from the portal, including managing account information, trade status, funding transactions and more.

Trade Copy for Signals & Followers

Generate additional income streams by engaging in copy trading activity. Roles such as Signals, Copiers and Agent can be defined without number limitations. Traders can have access to live and historical trading data from their portals to help make informed decisions and take actions. Commissions can be set for Signals and other agent accounts as required.

All the features you need

Can link with multiple MT4 and MT5 servers and WLs, allowing managing investors and trades from multiple platforms under one dashboard.

Instant configurability and real-time synchronization with MetaTrader platforms. Web interface controls MT5 & MT4 MAM plugin.

Automatic or manual settlement of performance Fees, following industry standard of calculation based on HWM.

Ability to trigger large amounts of trades simultaneously within milliseconds without constrains

Money Managers can operate with multiple trading accounts simultaneously from a single interface

Real-time performance statistics, risk measures, and trade history & analytics.

Ability to include, exclude and freeze investor accounts without affecting current open positions.

Ability to assign Agent accounts with different payouts and enable other stakeholders to receive commission allocations automatically.

The copied trades’ allocation method, size and direction (same side or reversed) can be set freely

A bespoke MT4 and MT5 MAM/PAMM solution with complete set of features professional traders and portfolio managers require for multi-account management, with added social trading functionalities.


Our Money

Attract professional traders, portfolio managers, and different types of investors to your brokerage with a full-fledged MT4 & MT5 MAM/PAMM solution, providing your clients with a complete set of features for effective multi-account management and more.

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