Admin &
Client portal

Interactive web interfaces are essential to running a brokerage. It is where you perform all your set up and administrative tasks, interact with your customers, as well as what helps you and your partners bring more clients to your business.

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Set up your brokerage for success.

With configurable access for all YOONIT system users, granular performance data for internal teams and end users, custom themes, multilingual dashboard, notification center, help center and well-facilitated client and partner’s area, our branded web terminals represent a step change in real-time operation and data-driven success.

Our API ensures seamless integration with Metatrader platforms, a wide range of payment system providers (PSPs) and other popular 3rd party applications.
Clear overview of your team’s and clients’ activity and performance from a convenient interface, allowing you to make informed decisions and adjust business strategy on the fly.
Accessible from any device, at any place, at any time, with local network connectivity optimization, guaranteeing an optimal user experience, operability, and real-time platform synchronization.
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Admin back-office

YOONIT’s refined admin portal enables seamless collaboration between your team members, streamlining all internal process. From compliance and KYC, to sales, retention, support, and back-office operations – your team will be equipped with all the necessary tools and extensive insights for more profitable and efficient business operation, and sustainable client management.

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Client & Partner Area

Great user experience is crucial for your business success as it directly affects retention rates and revenues of your brokerage. YOONIT’s meticulously designed client portal contains features and intelligence that provide for easy registration, personal data and account modifications, funding operations and transactions, and more for your traders, IB’s, Money Managers and Agents to manage their network and partnerships.


All the trading support tools you need in one place.

YOONIT is a web-based modular trading support system, comprising a complex of tools and solutions of choice, developed to help forex brokers unlock their full potential. With its unique toolkit, brokers can handle complex tasks ranging from on-boarding KYC procedures, account management and to real-time risk management, marketing and more. As your day-to-day processes evolve, YOONIT will provide you with the ability to rapidly reinvent workflows and ensure peak performance.

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