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MT4/MT5 Risk Management Tool by Plugit

The best solution to manage risk in your MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Managing risk is a fundamental operation for your brokerage. Ignore the trading risk, and you leave your operations open to what could potentially be catastrophic trade exposure. That holds for both operators and traders.

High impact events can wipe out trader accounts and severely impact your business as a brokerage operator. While nobody can foresee the future, we can take steps to minimize the downside of these types of events.

Prudent traders set stop-loss levels on all their trades. Savvy broker operators use proven risk management tools like the Plugit Dynamic Margin module. This has been designed to work seamlessly with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

When the Swiss National Bank decided to abandon the peg for the EUR/CHF, it caused significant changes in the markets. The effects of that decision were considerable for traders and brokers alike. One high-profile broker reported losses close to £30 million in a day’s trading!

Alpari, one of the major brokers of the time, temporarily declared insolvency. FXCM, another principal forex broker affected by the decision, was forced to seek extra funds and was bailed out by investors. Saxo Bank of Denmark reported severe losses. One New Zealand forex broker had to end all operations as they could no longer meet their minimum capital requirements.

Not reacting quickly to unforeseen events can be disastrous for brokers, such as the EUR/CHF event. So far-reaching that several notable names in the broker world ceased their operations.

As a broker, you need to be able to change the leverage you offer your traders according to the market conditions.

It’s not enough to make bulk changes, affecting all types and sizes of trades. No, your MT4 risk management tool needs to be programmatic with the ability to generate multiple margin profiles and tiers. Add our intelligent rule-based MT4 risk management solution, and you can set your risk profiles across different markets and instruments. This protects your business from sudden market events and unforeseen risks.

Our MT4 risk management tool puts you in complete control of your risk settings while improving efficiency. Our advanced automation removes the element of human error and vastly improves your overall risk management profile.

  • Some of the key features of our MT4 risk management tool include:
  • Full support for all asset classes on MT4 and MT5, including Forex Currency Pairs, Commodities, CFDs, and Futures.
  • The ability to automatically monitor and adjust leverage levels based on the rules you define in your profile.
  • Generate multiple margin tiers based on trade volume.
  • Set margin rules in bulk or down to asset, individual account, account level, or any combination.
  • You can set different margin requirements for different types of orders, such as open, pending, or hedged orders. This gives you more flexibility than other risk management tools for MT4 and MT5.

As a broker, you operate in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. If you’re relying on outdated risk management tools, you’re leaving your business open to higher levels of exposure. With the sheer volume of trades and liquidity in the forex markets, even localized events can impact your results.

Cutting-edge toolsets

The manual and automatic settings in the Plugit Dynamic margin solution put you in complete control of your risk management profile. Online retail trading comes with significant price movements. Automation is the only effective method to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

MT4 Risk Management Tool

Being proactive is much more effective than reacting, and the Plugit Dynamic Margin module is a great MT4 risk management tool. A proactive automation tool that safeguards your brokerage.

Rule-Based Risk Management

The Plugit Dynamic Margin module allows you to customize your risk management profile to fit your needs. Set varying risk profiles for different instruments according to the current market conditions.

Rule Bases Risk Management

Choose the level of risk you’re comfortable taking on, and the automation technology in our risk management tool will do the rest.

Our Dynamic Margin module comes with a very user-friendly interface. The dashboard view lets you manage multiple trade servers from a single screen. This gives you an at-a-glance view of all your operations, allowing quick and easy changes.

Enabling the module is a one-click operation with no need to restart your servers or any costly downtime. Everything takes place in the background and is entirely transparent. As a result, your traders won’t experience any disruption to their everyday trading.

MT4 Risk Management

Do you need the option to make quick changes to your risk settings? Simple. Log in to your MT4 risk management tool and make whatever changes you need. Done!

The module syncs with MT4 and MT5 so you can track changes in the MetaTrader journals.

We’re confident our Dynamic Margin module is the best decision you can take for your risk management needs. This is a proven solution for forex and CFD brokers using MT4 or MT5. In addition, it comes with full support during and after the onboarding process.

Schedule a demo with one of our account managers, and we’ll be thrilled to walk you through all the features. Once you see what the Plugit Dynamic Margin module can do for your brokerage, we’re sure this will be your first choice of MT4 risk management tool.

Contact Us for a no-obligation Demo and see the difference our MT4 Risk Management System can make to your brokerage!

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PLUGIT uses your information to contact you about our products and services. For more details, please check our Privacy Policy.