Integrating with YOONIT – Things to consider for smooth onboarding

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If you are in the process of setting up a brokerage, and looking to acquire alternative supporting solutions, or simply thinking of switching your current technology provider you have to take into account the integration properties and the steps involved.

Previously we’ve spoken about the perks of setting up a brokerage and the importance various supporting tools play in your business realization at the early stages. Ideally you would hope that a chosen solution fulfils your requirements throughout the entire business lifecycle. But for a number of reason, there are times when you consider changing your current technology provider. For instance, when the existing solution becomes outdated or too costly for the features it offers. Other times, the initial requirements may have changed, and it is necessary to switch to a powerful solution that can help your brokerage grow unhindered at its own pace.

Many brokers see the migration to another provider as a daunting task, while being tied up with their current provider, as well as worrying about data loss, and all the things that could go wrong during the process.

One common question we receive from our potential clients is about the steps involved in the integration process and the onboarding timeframe. Here we will be answering these questions for you.

Onboarding: process & timeframe

After a thorough demonstration of the system in real-time, while having addressed all your questions and concerns, followed by a standard KYC check, and the signing of the agreement, we proceed with the system integration. This part is well-coordinated and takes in most cases as little as three days, depending on the responsiveness of your existing provider and the time it takes to acquire the necessary API information. Now let’s look at the important steps involved in the system delivery process.

  1. Initiation stage: After we have agreed on the terms and received the necessary information from the client, we proceed with the system setup.
  1. Environment preparation & delivery: We create a new YOONIT environment for your company and deliver you the system credentials.
  1. System training & testing: One of our support specialists will conduct a thorough system training and testing session for your team, including Q&A.
  1. Database update & final check-up: This step involves updating the CRM with your existing client database and doing one last system live status scan.
  1. Onboarding completion: Your team is ready to start working in the YOONIT system.

Although the onboarding process is hassle-free for most of our clients, the timeframe may vary, with migration time depending on the cooperation from your existing provider. If we are unable to get the required API information, or the response time is slow, it might result in delays.

Important things to consider before onboarding

We hold transparency as a core value, and we commit to it while conducting business. This concerns our pricing policy and our clients rest assured there won’t be any hidden fees or sudden changes in pricing that will take them by surprise. We believe in clear communication and honesty in all our partnerships. What we have mutually agreed on is what you will be getting.

Another aspect worth mentioning before onboarding is the flexibility of our solutions. Whether you prefer keeping your own CRM or any other software you’re using and are satisfied with, or require integrating with an additional 3rd party application – we can accommodate your needs and preferences. You can choose the modules and customize your YOONIT in line with your needs.

Post-integration services

In due course we provide the same care and attention throughout the entire partnership. If you have any inquiries about the system, our customer service agents are available 24/5 to assist you. Furthermore, a tech team is on standby to help solve any issues that might arise in case of emergency. In addition to live demonstrations and access to the Help Centre with detailed guides on how to set up and operate the entire system, you can always contact us for another demonstration or a training session for your team members. 

When you decide to grow your brokerage by offering money management services, or an effective affiliate program, implement marketing tools, or reduce your risk, you can do so with YOONIT. The system currently has five modules that you can choose from and quickly add to your technology stack anytime you require. The modules like MAM/PAMM & Signals, Bonus Automation, IB/Affiliate, CRM, and Dynamic Margin, are meticulously designed to support and implement your business strategy, and help you operate more efficiently. 


For over a decade now, PLUGIT has been delivering solutions that are innovative and cost-efficient to hundreds of brokerages worldwide, providing exceptional user experience, all while fulfilling both – our client’s business needs and their customers’ expectations.

To discover how YOONIT can enhance your brokerage, contact us for a consultation or request a live demonstration.

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