YOONIT: Advantages and Benefits of a Centralized Solution for FX Brokers

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In this article we will be talking explicitly about our latest development and a current flagship product YOONIT – a modular trading support system fit to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of retail FX brokers, help optimize their operations, reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and boost profitability.

For over a decade PLUGIT has been providing FX brokerages worldwide with tailored solutions and services, including custom developments, integration services and support. YOONIT has been built on the latest technology, ensuring utmost uptime, secure infrastructure, dedicated resource allocation, stability, and is fully customizable to suit unique requirements of every brokerage. The centralized system eliminates compatibility issues and allows different departments of a brokerage to collaborate with ease, improving operational workflow and leading to higher efficiency and profitability, minimising human error.

Continue reading on Finance Magnates to find out about what makes YOONIT so unique, its perks, modules and functionality, and learn how your brokerage can benefit from a truly centralized solution, avoid compatibility constraints, duplication of work, bad coordination, missing links and many more.

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