What To Look For In A Forex Affiliate Software

Forex Affiliate Software

The forex market has seen considerable growth over the last few years. One of the main reasons behind this growth has been the improvement in internet speeds and technologies. As more and more people come online with reliable and fast internet connections, the interest in online forex trading increases. A growing number of affiliate programs…

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Best Forex Risk Management Tools

Forex Risk Management Tools

Any kind of speculative trading, including forex and CFDs, includes an element of risk. That’s part of the game and one of the reasons forex brokers display risk warnings on their websites. This is to ensure that retail traders understand the trading risks involved and don’t overextend themselves. Forex risk management tools are key here.…

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Spotlight on the LATAM Forex Market

LATAM forex

Latin America (LATAM) is a region with increasing potential for broker operators and deserves to be on your radar. Let’s look at the reasons behind the growth and shine a light on the benefits of operating in the region. The LATAM market first caught the attention of brokerage operators in August 2018 after the European…

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Best Forex Regulator For Your Brokerage

Forex Regulators

Regulation is one of the topics that come up repeatedly in any discussion regarding a forex brokerage, particularly post-Brexit. To attract traders, a brokerage needs to have some license in place. Today’s traders are much more knowledgeable than they used to be and know what they need to look for in a new broker. A…

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MT4 / MT5 Copy Trading System

Copy Trading System

So what is copy trading exactly? The best way to describe it would be as a kind of portfolio management. The idea is to give your clients a collection of trading strategies they can evaluate and copy into their accounts. Experienced traders provide the trading strategies offered in your program. Clients can browse the results…

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