What is a forex white label?

Forex White Label

As more and more people with access to fast and reliable internet come online, the interest in forex and online trading continues to increase. As a result, daily trading volumes in the forex markets have climbed to over Seven Trillion USD in 2022, a trend which is almost certain to continue and which accounts for…

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How To Check Your Email Sender Reputation

Email Marketing

Are you a broker running email marketing campaigns? When was the last time you checked your email sender reputation? Do you even know how to? In this installment of the Plugit Knowledge base, we’ll review all the details you need to check to improve your email sender reputation. Email marketing returns, on average, $44 for…

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How FX brokers can get more clients by offering MAM accounts

If there is an ideal service to grow an FX brokerage client base with the potential to increase revenue dramatically, it would be offering MAM accounts using the right software solution. Running a Forex brokerage is not an easy endeavour. There are many factors to consider for long-term success, from regulatory conditions to having the…

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What are the ESMA regulation leverage requirements?

ESMA regulation leverage

On the 1st of August 2018, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) officially adopted new measures for marketing Contracts for Difference (CFDs) to retail clients. These ESMA regulation leverage measures included: Limits on leverage for opening positions; Margin close out rule on a per-account basis; Negative balance protection on a per-account basis; Halting the…

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Is Microsoft Azure Secure For Your Brokerage?

Microsoft Azure

One of the most common questions from our clients is, “is Microsoft Azure secure?” At Plugit, we take the security of your operations seriously. That’s why we build on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Microsoft Azure – Privacy, Security, Compliance Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform of choice for many household name companies worldwide. We’ve been…

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