U.S. Bank Closures: Silvergate, SVB, Signature

US Bank Closures

March is turning out to be a downer for U.S. banks, with three shuttering their operations in four days. Silvergate Bank was the first to go on March 8, followed by SVB on the 10th, and Signature Bank, the latest to fold, on the 12th. It turns out you can get hat tricks in banking,…

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Social Trading Trends For 2023

Social Trading

Social Trading isn’t a new concept, as the idea has existed since 2008. It very quickly gained traction with traders and soon became a staple across broker offerings. The term Social Trading covers a broad category of products. While these all fall within the social trading concept, they do have differences in the approach and…

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How to Optimize Customer Lifetime Value using a CRM

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) measures the net value a customer brings to a business throughout their relationship. A high CLV indicates that a customer is profitable for a business. Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the total money a customer spends with a business. Optimizing CLV involves: Increasing the revenue generated from each customer by encouraging…

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