What is Dynamic Leverage in Forex

PLUGIT Dynamic Leverage Module

Dynamic leverage is a risk management tool used by brokers to minimize their trade exposure and, at the same time, offer attractive trading conditions while protecting client accounts from the effects of over-leveraged trades. Today’s article will focus on the concept behind Dynamic Leverage and look at real-world applications and how they can apply to…

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An A to Z Forex CRM Glossary

Forex CRM Glossary

A Account Management: Refers to the management of detailed information about individual customer accounts, usually to understand and serve them better. Automation: The process of using software or technology to perform tasks automatically rather than manually, often seen in CRMs for repetitive tasks like emails and reminders. Analytics: Tools or functionalities within a CRM that help interpret and…

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Solution for Forex Brokers – Updated for 2023

Forex Broker Solution

A reliable forex broker solution is essential for any brokerage. This is especially true in today’s fast-paced world. Users expect quick responses, and that goes for their trading as well. The right technology doesn’t just give you an advantage anymore. The right technology is an absolute must for your brokerage to thrive and deliver the…

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