A Brief History Of Cryptocurrencies

History of Cryptocurrencies

The history of cryptocurrency can be traced back to the late 1990s when a group of computer scientists and cryptography experts began experimenting with the idea of creating a decentralized digital currency. However, it was when Bitcoin launched in 2009 that the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency came into existence. Bitcoin was created by an individual…

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Events That Marked The Year In 2022

Some key events from 2022

In her 1992 speech at the Guildhall, marking the 40th year of her reign, Quess Elizabeth II spoke of her “annus horribilis,” describing it as “not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure.” The same sentiment echoes for 2022, which hasn’t been a bumper year by any stretch of the imagination.…

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Apple Removes MT4 And MT5 From App Store

Apple Removes MT4 and MT5

On the 23rd of September, Apple informed MetaQuotes, the developers of MT4 and MT5, of their intention to remove the popular trading apps from the App Store. Later on the same day, Apple removed MT4 and MT5 from the App Store. While the apps are currently available on Google Play, they are no longer available…

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How FX brokers can get more clients by offering MAM accounts

If there is an ideal service to grow an FX brokerage client base with the potential to increase revenue dramatically, it would be offering MAM accounts using the right software solution. Running a Forex brokerage is not an easy endeavour. There are many factors to consider for long-term success, from regulatory conditions to having the…

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Risk Management Technology: Exploring the Latest Trends and Best Practices

In this insightful e-Forex article Plugit’s CEO Jalal F. and EVP Lea W., along with other industry’s thought leaders, are examining what risk management has become in the pandemic-driven events of the past 12 months, and the importance of implementing modern risk management tools and solutions. The global pandemic is currently raging around the world,…

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Trading Support Systems that will get your FX Brokerage to the Top

If you are going to be launching or if you have just launched your own FX brokerage and your brand is in its infancy, this article is for you. We know all about the hurdles and pitfalls that you might be experiencing: from acquiring licenses to finding the right liquidity and bridge providers, setting up your own FX business can be challenging. In this…

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New “cold war” between the US & China and the impact it has brought on the FX trading industry

The USA’s relationship with China has always been complex and progressively deteriorated recently, pulling down with itself global financial markets, stocks, commodities, and currencies. The Sino-US relations sharply worsened following a series of events under Donald Trump’s administration, the most recent and scandalous of which was on Monday 3rd of August, when Trump set September…

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Coronavirus and Forex Trading: Impact and Opportunities

As the world adjusts to the reality of COVID-19, billions of people are focusing not only on the immediate public health implications but also on the economic fallout. With “non-essential” bricks-and-mortar stores shuttered and only outlets such as food shops and pharmacies operating as normal, the impact of the coronavirus is likely to be felt…

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