Expanding Opportunities: Why Brokers Should Offer MAM Accounts to Traders

In today’s competitive financial market, brokers continually seek ways to enhance their service offerings and attract a broader client base. One solution gaining popularity is providing Multi-Account Manager (MAM) accounts. Offering MAM accounts to your traders is an effective way to acquire and retain more clients for your brokerage. These clients tend to be higher…

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Top Copy Trade Features To Look For

PLUGIT Copy Trade

Since it first appeared in 2005, copy trade has enjoyed tremendous popularity as more and more retail traders started copy trading on one of the many platform offers in the financial services industry. Copy trade works by offering a simplified way for beginners without trading experience to invest in the financial markets. Their lack of…

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How FX brokers can get more clients by offering MAM accounts

If there is an ideal service to grow an FX brokerage client base with the potential to increase revenue dramatically, it would be offering MAM accounts using the right software solution. Running a Forex brokerage is not an easy endeavour. There are many factors to consider for long-term success, from regulatory conditions to having the…

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